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Are you ready to FIGHT & PUSH every COVID19 Financial Setback back into place? Wrap up because we are ready to get you punching and at a: 


Recovery Discount rate


Granted only for those present at Introduction event.

Lead2Success invites you to participate to the 

Breaking away from all forms of setbacks Lead2Success invites you to register for the next upcoming #2020FINANCIALFREEDOM upcoming sessions.

Our FINANCIAL FREEDOM sessions by Certified Financial Coach, Francis Groeneveldt is ready to start their next sessions ONLINE. Starting August 26, 2020 | Following the next 7 Wednesdays at 7pm (GMT-4 | ARUBA TIME) via ZOOM Video Conferencing.



1. How to Budget

2. Create a healthy relationship with money

3. Create an Emergency fund

4. Estate planning

5. Prepare for retirement

If you are READY to take full ownership of not only your present but also your future finances register below:

Any further questions contact us via whatsapp at +297 593 4535 - TODAY!


There is a 50% COVID -19 RECOVERY DISCOUNT this time around - Do not miss this opportunity!


Register for our classes starting:

August 26, 2020 | 7pm
Place: ZOOM video conferencing


Groeneveldt is a certified Dave Ramsey Financial coach, as well as, a certified John Maxwell Leadership coach. As Sales Team Leader for the Marriott Aruba surf Club and Ocean Club, he combines his 14 years sales and marketing experience together with his dynamic entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness of leading others to a life of success through the

"Lead2Success FINANCIALFREEDOM program"

Registration via www.lead2success.net or +297 593 4535
- Limited seating - 

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